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Hello to my new and old watchers :)

I dissapeared yet again for a long time.

Real life has seriously caught up with me so the past months I had a lot of exams and sadly my "chronic fatigue" came back for a while. I'm not a very energetic person and if you add stress to it you have me on a death bed and exams are stress. However I'm ok and back to working on my painting and other design projects.

My pro portfolio's half done...just 6-7 pieces to be finished (4 are started bu I need to start the other 3). Check my painting and photography account here - :iconmorfinium:

Also I've been doing some more photography. Because of that I entered a contest so if you are interested, please vote for me (I'll give out free prints to those who tell me they'll vote and show me prove that they in deed have voted :P) -…

And yesterday I was out in the country side, took some awesome nature shots.


As for this account.

I plan on uploading some previews of exclusive stock which'll be up for sale - realistic 3D stock that is high res (I model them so I'm the copyright holder), some high res and sharp photos, PS brushes are usually a fave and so are actions.

I hope to have things up and running on this account in 2 weeks or so :)
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September 26, 2011


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